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Mr. Stewart represents civil defendants in a wide variety of matters such as cases involving automobile and trucking accidents, premises liability and products liability. He also represents insurance companies in the defense of bad faith and fraud claims, as well as coverage disputes. He has been an instructor at Jefferson State Community College where he taught various legal courses. Lee has written for several legal and professional publications, including “In Transit,” the trucking newsletter published by the Defense Research Institute.

Lee was born and raised in Kentucky, and is a lifelong Cats fan. He graduated from the University of Kentucky, and after serving as the president of the Greater Birmingham University of Kentucky Alumni Association, is currently a member of the national board of directors of the UKAA . Lee’s hobbies include running, reading and travel. He and his GGH Website Updates November 2017 family attend Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church, where he has served on various boards and committees over the years. Lee coaches youth basketball, and he enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Practice Areas

Automobile litigation, complex & commercial litigation, general civil litigation, insurance coverage, insurance defense, insurance fraud & bad faith, premises liability, product liability, trucking litigation, workers' compensation


  • B.S., University of Kentucky (1992)
  • J.D., Cumberland School of Law, Samford University (1996)
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  • Circuit Court of Shelby County, Alabama; CV-13-900399

  • Judge: Bill Bostick

  • Plaintiff’s Attorney: Greg Zarzaur

  • Length of trial: 2 days

  • Date Concluded: February 9, 2016

  • Claim Number: AAI0013763

  • Experts testifying: Dr. David McLain (by deposition)

  • Claim Number: 01-6906-145

  • Date of Loss: 08/12/12

  • File Number: 1021.138

  • Outcome of Trial:

  • Verdict for Plaintiffs totaling $7,400

  • Short Summary of Trial Events:

  • This lawsuit arose out of a two car automobile accident that occurred at roughly 3:40 AM on August 12, 2012 on Interstate 65 in Shelby County, Alabama. The plaintiffs’ vehicle, which was operated by plaintiff Regina Johnson and occupied by her daughter Danielle Johnson, was rear ended by a vehicle operated by defendant Pedro Ramos. Mr. Ramos, following the collision on the interstate, fled the scene and was later apprehended by police officers. He was charged with DUI after he was eventually detained. He pled guilty to driving under the influence, open container and driving with a suspended license.

  • Ramos testified that before the accident, he had approximately 6 to 9 beers and also consumed NyQuil. Prior to the accident, he had been to Centinario Night Club in Birmingham. He admitted that he was likely driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • The plaintiffs went to the ER the day after the accident, and subsequently they both received chiropractic treatment for essentially soft tissue injuries. Their retail medical bills totaled about $9,000 combined, out of which BCBS paid about $2,300.

  • The liability carrier, Access, offered its limits of $25,000/$50,000, which was fronted by the UIM carrier, Liberty Mutual, which then offered an additional $30,000. At trial, the plaintiffs asked the jury for a total of $380,000.

  • After deliberating for about an hour and a half, the jury returned a verdict for $4,450 for Regina Johnson and $2,950 for Danielle Johnson. As the plaintiffs had already received $50,000 as a result of Liberty Mutual “fronting” the liability limits of Access, they were entitled to no additional recovery.


  • Circuit Court of Blount County, Alabama; CV-10-900076

  • Judge: Steven King

  • Plaintiff’s Attorney: Greg Burge

  • Length of trial: 3 days

  • Date Concluded: January 27, 2016

  • Claim Number: 01-6999-163

  • Date of Loss: 01/25/10

  • Date of Loss: 3/4/12

  • File Number: 19023.2456

  • Outcome of Trial:

  • Defense Verdict

  • Short Summary of Trial Events:

  • The accident happened when our client, Derrick Leopard, was driving a dump truck east on Highway 160 in rural Blount County, Alabama. It was in the afternoon, and the sun was behind him. The sun got in his side-view mirrors and temporarily blinded him. At the same time, the vehicle in front of him was stopping. Derrick slammed on his brakes and attempted to avoid hitting the vehicle from behind. In an attempt to miss the vehicle in front of him, he swerved to the left and crossed the center line. At that same time, the Plaintiff was traveling west on Highway 160. The Plaintiff alleged that in an attempt to avoid hitting Derrick’s dump truck head-on, he was forced off the road and drove into a 20-25 foot ditch, crashing nose-first at the bottom of the ditch. The Plaintiff’s passenger/step-daughter, Teresa Lynn Broadhead, was airlifted to the hospital, and spent approximately 3 weeks in a coma. Her claims eventually settled for about $650,000.

  • The Plaintiff was taken to the ER at UAB on the day of the accident. He had facial lacerations and right knee pain. A right knee x-ray showed a comminuted transverse patella fracture. He underwent surgery by Dr. Rena Stewart to repair the patellar tendon on February 1, 2010. Dr. Stewart removed the wire reconstructing the patella on May 21, 2010 because it caused knee flexion problems. The doctor eventually opined that the Plaintiff was not able to return to his previous work as an electrician, and she encouraged him to apply for disability. Eventually, he was released from her treatment on May 30, 2012, and he was noted to be doing “dramatically better.

  • The Plaintiff incurred medical bills totaling roughly $60,000. However, he was covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, who had a lien of $14,790.10. He was also making a lost wage claim of roughly $26,000. He claimed that in his work as an electrician, he was forced to miss out on several jobs that would have netted him a profit in that amount.

  • The Plaintiff also claimed permanent injury, permanent loss of range of motion, mental anguish, etc.

  • We argued contributory negligence on the part of the Plaintiff, specifically, that he was far enough away from the dump truck when it crossed into his lane that he should have been able to slow down, pull over, or somehow avoid it.

  • In closing arguments, the Plaintiff’s attorney asked the jury to return a verdict in the Plaintiff’s favor in the amount of $350,000. He argued that the Plaintiff’s permanent injury, the conduct of the Defendant, and the severe and painful nature of the Plaintiff’s injuries warranted such a result.

  • The jury deliberated for a little over an hour before returning a defense verdict.

  • Charles Terry Fewell vs. Lauren Malone, et al., CV-11-909931, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Birmingham Division)

  • Moorer v. Hernandez; Circuit Court of Dallas County, AL; CV-12-900160

  • Langley v. Armstrong; Circuit Court of St. Clair County, AL; CV-10-900234

  • Girma Kebede vs. Averitt Express, Inc. CV 09-900429, Circuit Court of Madison County

  • Regina Sims, et al. vs. Christina Scott, CV09-900024, Circuit Court of Pickens County

  • Claude Kyser vs. Progressive Specialty Insurance Company, CV-06-4481, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Birmingham Division)

  • Jacqueline Walker vs. Progressive Halcyon Insurance Co, CV-05-5504, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Birmingham Division)

  • Bernard Milton vs. Leonard Mugwe, CV-04-6629, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Birmingham Division)

  • Kay Clark vs. Target Container, Inc, CV 04-889, Circuit Court of Calhoun County

  • Buddy Hendrix vs. Deondre Smith, CV-04-2192, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Birmingham Division)

  • Patricia Tittle vs. JAT, Inc., et al, CV 02-1797, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Bessemer Division)

  • M.C. Dixon Lumber Company vs. Betz-Dearborn, CV 01-130, Circuit Court of Barbour County

  • Memphis Scale Works d/b/a Alabama Scale Works vs. Allweigh Scale, CV97-7300, Circuit Court of Jefferson County (Birmingham Division)

  • Janice Baron Clark v. Kolette Ceola Pharris, et al.; Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama; CV-14-902342

  • Taylor Padgett, Bailey Padgett, a minor by and through her mother and next friend, Selena Padgett v. Veronica Bustos, et al.; Circuit Court of Morgan County, Alabama; CV-14-900388


  • Recognized as Fourth ‘Most Prolific Attorney’ in Alabama, 2016 by the Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter

Cumberland School of Law

  • Dean’s List

Professional Associations

  • American Bar Association

  • Alabama State Bar Association

  • Birmingham Bar Association

  • Alabama Defense Lawyers Association

  • Shelby County Bar Association

  • Defense Research Institute

  • Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

  • Atlanta Claims Association

  • Montgomery Claims Association


  • Admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in Alabama

Bar Admissions

  • Alabama (1996)

Speeches and Publications

  • Overview of Defending Trucking Cases, Defense Research Institute

  • Alabama: Burden of Proof, Not Burden of Disproof: Worker’s Compensation Institute

  • Practical Considerations for Defending Collision Cases: National Business Institute