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David Wilson spoke at the 2022 DRI Trucking Law Seminar titled “The Future of Trucking Litigation: Smarter, Faster, Better” held April 27-29, 2022 in Austin, TX.  The seminar was attended by approximately 540 participants from the trucking industry, insurance claims professionals, defense attorneys and companies which provide support for the trucking industry.  David co-presented with Melody Kiella of Drew, Eckl and Farnham (Atlanta)  on “The Future of Medicine:  Standard of Care or Junk Science.”  ** Melody’s presentation focused on the history of “Quackery” and the case law supporting excluding opinions by ‘fringe medicine” purveyors. David’s presentation focused on modern day “Quacks,” the types of treatments being advanced as “cutting edge” by certain medical providers and strategies to impeach these doctors, chiropractors and “lien clinics.”

In addition, GGH was a major sponsor of the seminar, evidencing its commitment to the trucking industry and defense of claims against motor carriers and its drivers. In addition to David,  GGH attorneys attending the seminar included Rad Gaines, Marc Jaskolka, Daniel Newton and Bernie Brannan.

If you would like more information on David’s speech, or of GGH’s Transportation Practice Group, please contact Marc Jaskolka (  A summary of the speech can be viewed here. GGH maintains a 24/7 Rapid Response Hotline at 888-675-2981.

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