Practice Areas

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC has carefully assembled diverse practice areas in order to give our clients a comprehensive source of legal protection. Our attorneys reach across the spectrum of civil litigation, in every field from trucking litigation to funeral home liability.

Aggressive legal defense begins with preparation. When a client needs help, there may not be time for an attorney to “study up” on a specific area of law. That’s why we maintain expertise across various legal disciplines, and we stay abreast of any developments in those fields. From new regulations affecting employers, to recent precedents in insurance litigation or the intricacies of nursing home litigation, Gaines Gault Hendrix PC understands the law.

Our familiarity with each of these areas lets us focus on every case’s unique factors, and “hit the ground running” when the time comes to defend.

Appellate Advocacy

Cases often continue well beyond the initial verdict. When our opposition appeals a verdict in our client’s favor, or our client needs to appeal an unfavorable verdict, Gaines Gault Hendrix PC’s extensive experience is invaluable. The firm is well versed in every step of the intricate appellate process. We have successfully handled appellate cases at the state and federal level.

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Automobile Litigation

Every year, Alabama drivers file thousands of lawsuits related to automobile accidents. Gaines Gault Hendrix PC takes a unique and aggressive defense approach to these cases. Our winning record and relentless drive time and time again have been recognized as the strongest in the state. Our attorneys have a highly specialized level of expertise, and we easily navigate the discovery process and trial of these cases. We have a thorough understanding of the legal issues related to automobile claims, including uninsured/underinsured motorist claims and insurance coverage issues, as well as medial causation, biomechanics and engineering analysis.

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Complex & Commercial Litigation

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC regularly represents corporations, insurance carriers and individuals engaged in commercial disputes and other complex matters. We have defended numerous cases involving the procurement and sale of insurance contracts, fraud, and allegations of agent misconduct. Our attorneys also have handled a wide array of cases involving allegations of defamation, dram shop and liquor-related liability claims, intentional interference with business or contractual relations, civil conspiracy and other intentional torts. The firm focuses its vigorous, results-oriented approach upon the all-important discovery process to bring each case to a successful conclusion.

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Construction Litigation

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC has an accomplished record representing corporations and individuals, including general contractors, subcontractors, engineers and other construction professionals involved in construction-related litigation. The firm has countless years of experience defending claims involving catastrophic injury or death on construction sites or claims resulting from construction-related activities. Gaines Gault Hendrix PC litigators are comfortable handling all specialized cases regarding construction litigation.

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Employment Litigation

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC offers a full range of legal services to employers. Our attorneys regularly represent clients in front of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other government oversight boards. Gaines Gault Hendrix PC has defended actions brought against employers pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and claims brought under 42 U.S.C. Sections 1981, 1983 and 1985. Gaines Gault Hendrix PC also has handled many retaliatory discharge suits as well as suits involving employment contracts and non-compete agreements. In addition to our litigation practice, attorneys can provide assistance with quality assurance training and drafting employee handbooks and policy and procedure manuals, as well as reviewing, drafting and negotiating employment contracts and related agreements.

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Funeral Home Liability

Few areas of the law are as personal and unique as cases involving funeral home negligence and other related claims. Success or failure in cases involving funeral claims requires a thorough understanding of the regulations governing the funeral industry and an ability to investigate and examine the claim while remaining sensitive to the emotional elements inherent in cases of this type. The attorneys at Gaines Gault Hendrix PC have a proven record of balancing both while achieving excellent results for our clients, both in settlement and at trial.

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General Civil Litigation

The cornerstone of Gaines Gault Hendrix PC is our focus on civil defense litigation. Our firm has offices located in Birmingham and Huntsville, and we handle cases across the state of Alabama, in both state and federal courts. Since 2003, our firm has been recognized each year for trying more jury trials than any other firm in the state. Our trial experience includes both complex and more routine trials. We are prepared to assist our clients in nearly any kind of civil dispute, large or small, and we can assure our clients that if a case must be tried, the courtroom is our province.

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Insurance Coverage

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC routinely provides well-researched, thorough insurance policy analysis and counsel on policy language. We also conduct detailed coverage investigations and examinations under oath. We are well-versed in seeking judicial interpretation of insurance policies via declaratory judgement actions or interventions in existing cases. Gaines Gault Hendrix PC has the proficiency and the expertise to resolve insurance coverage questions and disputes in a wide range of first and third party coverage lines, from automobile and homeowners policies to commercial general liability, errors and omissions (E&O), directors and officers and all other types of coverage.

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Research & Scientific Misconduct

Academic and other institutions that receive funding for scientific research have numerous safeguards in place to enforce the propriety of that research. Researchers and scientists can be open to allegations of misrepresentation, falsification of data or results, or other misconduct claims involving a variety of research projects. Gaines Gault Hendrix PC provides counsel and representation to these researchers through the institutional inquiries, investigations, and proceedings before the federal Office of Research Integrity (ORI). We are able to assist at every stage of these proceedings, from preparing our clients for interviews or questioning, formulating written responses, negotiating agreements, and when necessary, engaging in mediation or litigation. Our firm is unique because we have extensive experience in this area, which lies outside the bounds of most ordinary law practice.

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Workers' Compensation

The attorneys at Gaines Gault Hendrix PC have years of experience defending employers and their insurance carriers in workers’ compensation matters involving work-related accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. Likewise, we provide a diverse range of services in representing employers, insurers, and administrators involved in every component of workers' compensation. Not only do we defend employers and insurers in lawsuits involving claims for benefits, but we also represent them in negotiations and resolutions of claims before a lawsuit is ever filed. Specifically, we offer pre-suit advice, support and counseling for a diverse range of employers, insurance carriers and third party administrators on various compensability issues, as well as advice regarding workers' compensation law. This includes, but is not limited to, specific applicable defenses, medical causation, return to work issues, and reporting compliance with the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. Our team also offers versatility in other workers’ compensation-related claims as well, such as matters involving third-party liability liens and the negotiation of same. Another aspect of our workers' compensation practice is to assist employers, insurers, and administrators in resolving disputes regarding medical care and vocational retraining benefits, which are oftentimes more problematic than the actual claim itself. In addition, we represent employers, insurers, and co-employees in a variety of other claims which arise from the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act, such as Co-employee "Willful Conduct" claims and Retaliatory Discharge claims.

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