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Prepared. Proactive. Productive.


Preparation wins. Our clients benefit from our use of aggressive discovery, keen interpretation skills, and a deep commitment to client success, both in and out of the courtroom.

At Gaines Gault Hendrix PC, preparation for success begins as soon as we are retained. Clients often engage us to prevent litigation, but when that isn’t possible, we know how to prepare to win. Our practice is built on litigation, so we strongly emphasize the crucial nature of preparation and discovery. This is the cornerstone of every successful legal action at Gaines Gault Hendrix PC. We work to direct every stage toward a decisive positive outcome for our client, be it through a settlement or a courtroom decision.


To Gaines Gault Hendrix PC, being proactive means taking a vigorous approach that constantly engages our adversaries. Trials are calls to action, and Gaines Gault Hendrix PC can respond effectively because of its proactive stance.

We leverage our extensive preparation into aggressive litigation. We not only maintain, we ramp up our preparation during every stage of a legal action, and our clients benefit as a result. We specialize in cases with uncertain outcomes. While settlements often can be more beneficial to our clients, when that isn’t the case, we are prepared to go to court to reach a satisfactory conclusion.


Gaines Gault Hendrix PC is results-driven, and our record proves it. Our trial experience is unparalleled in Alabama, and we are well-known for our steady yet aggressive approach to litigation.

From the beginning, our results and records have spoken for themselves. For more than a decade Gaines Gault Hendrix PC attorneys have tried more lawsuits to jury verdicts than any other firm in Alabama. Our breadth of experience in many areas of the law is unmatched. At Gaines Gault Hendrix PC, being productive means never giving up.

Proven results.

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC was founded in 1996 as a firm rooted in a long-standing tradition of aggressive defense litigation.

The firm takes a comprehensive, dynamic, and organic approach to each case. Our clients benefit from aggressive discovery, expert analysis, tough negotiation, and our constant attention to detail.

Gaines Gault Hendrix PC has a wealth of experience and expertise. Our attorneys are well-versed in specific areas of civil defense litigation, and we use that knowledge from the inception of every case. We are well-known for our driven, tenacious approach to defense litigation, and we never stop fighting for our clients. Even when a verdict is returned in favor of our opposition, our attorneys have proven time and again the ability to minimize damages effectively, or, when necessary, to challenge adverse rulings and verdicts on appeal.

Our record is built on results. Our attorneys are among the most prolific and well-trained trial defense attorneys, and we are widely recognized as accomplished litigators. For more than a decade, the lawyers of Gaines Gault Hendrix have tried more lawsuits to jury verdicts than any other firm in Alabama.

At Gaines Gault Hendrix PC, we never stop working for our clients. Let the record show that our work produces honorable results.