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Tracy Hendrix and Dillon Hobbs obtained a Defense Verdict for their client

Tracy Hendrix and Dillon Hobbs obtained a Defense Verdict for their client. In the accident made the basis of the lawsuit, the plaintiff was rear-ended as he was attempting to merge onto Highway 280 near an area known as “The Narrows.” At the time of the accident, the plaintiff began to advance his vehicle onto Highway 280 before bringing his vehicle to a subsequent halt without merging onto Highway 280. The defendant driver testified he was under the mistaken belief that the plaintiff was merging onto Highway 280. As a result, the defendant accidentally struck the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle. The parties did not stipulate to liability before trial. The plaintiff alleged injuries arising from the accident including neck pain, a compressed nerve, finger numbness, leg pain, foot pain, stress, and anxiety. As part of the plaintiff’s treatment alleged to arise from the accident, the plaintiff underwent an epidural steroid injection and an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. In addition, the plaintiff claimed that he was forced to change positions in his employment with the same employer due to the effects of his alleged injuries. Consequently, in addition to claiming pain and suffering and permanent injury, the plaintiff demanded a large sum of lost income and future lost income in the amount of $350,000. The plaintiff’s vocational expert testified that the plaintiff’s new position of employment caused the plaintiff to earn significantly less than the plaintiff earned in his previous position. After approximately fifteen minutes of deliberating, the jury found in favor of the defendant on all counts.

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