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Priscilla Williams and Ron Gault obtained a defense verdict in favor of their client

Priscilla Williams and Ron Gault obtained a defense verdict in favor of their client in a car accident where there was some dispute as to whether the light was red or yellow at the time of impact. The plaintiff claimed an aggravation of a pre-existing left knee injury, neck and back pain, and a torn rotator cuff in her left shoulder. During cross-examination, the jury heard that the plaintiff was involved in a 2006 accident and as a result of that wreck, had injuries “to the entire left side of her body.” The defense further impeached the plaintiff with her deposition testimony with respect to her complaints immediately after GGH Website Updates October 2017 Page 3 of 4 the accident by showing she only made complaints of neck and back pain, despite her testimony at trial that she experienced intense pain in both her left shoulder and left knee immediately after the accident. The defense also used the plaintiff’s prescription history to show she was regularly filling prescriptions for Robaxin and Meloxicam shortly before the accident. The plaintiff was questioned about her eye condition, toxoplasmosis, and how it affected her vision. The jury also heard that she represented to the Social Security Administration that her disability was due to blindness, that she had been on disability since the mid-90s, that she was on disability at the time of the accident, and that she was still on disability. In closing, the Plaintiff asked the jury to return a verdict of no less than $96,000 but up to $211,000. After deliberating for an hour and a half, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.

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